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Transforming Receipt Management for Customers and Retailers. Effortlessly manage your digital receipts, streamline expenses, and stay organized. For retailers, unlock personalized marketing opportunities, reduce costs, and gain valuable insights. Experience the power of Ezyrec, revolutionizing receipt management for both customers and retailers


Ezyrec is dedicated to revolutionizing receipt management through innovative technology. Our cutting-edge platform simplifies expense tracking, reduces paper clutter, and offers personalized solutions for individuals and businesses. With user-friendly features, we aim to provide a seamless and efficient receipt management experience. Join us in transforming the world of receipt management and discover the convenience and benefits of Ezyrec.

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Capture your POS slips with a quick and easy swap from your mobile phone, and see exactly how much you have spent and on what each month.

Receive customized promotion and offers on various products from your preferred retail store

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